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Read on to learn more about our story, the creators of the Birds brand, and our logo.

Our Story

The Story Behind Birds Golf

In 2019, the idea of Birds Golf took flight on a regular winter day in Florida.  We, the co-founders were playing our usual round of golf after work as caddies.  During a few laughs and a good conversation about the lack of fun, unique golf brands in the industry, we decided to launch our own.  We were both in our early thirties and had been involved with the game of golf our entire lives playing at a junior, college, and professional level.

Our idea was to try to inject a more fun, laid back atmosphere into the golf world. Golf itself is traditional in many ways, however, the sport is rapidly evolving. The next generation is searching to find more enjoyment in the game beyond its traditional roots.  Our goal is to inspire everyone to feel confident, get outside and enjoy some quality time on the course with family and friends.

The Creators of Birds Golf

Birds Golf was created by two professional golfers with over thirty years experience working globally in the golf industry.  This has developed our first-hand knowledge of golf apparel from the perspective of both a professional and a consumer.  This has allowed us to create a strong and fun brand supported by quality products. Our products can transition seamlessly from the golf course into your everyday life.

Our Logo

People always ask or comment on the logo. Our intention was to create a distinct, timeless logo that tied into the sport but didn’t feel like an advertisement. Our logo is a bird with a circle wrapping around it. Birdies in golf are a great thing and we all feel satisfied by putting a circle on the scorecard. We want our company to accentuate what golf can do holistically for your life including your physical, social and mental well-being. If you continue to see the bird on your headcovers, tees, gloves, towels, hats, and clothing, the positive energy will forge itself into your game and life leading to many more circles on your scorecard for years to come.



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